• Pet Population Spay/Neuter Program for dogs and cats for qualified low income families.  
  • Periodic newspaper articles in the county-wide paper for public knowledge and awareness.
  • A county-wide random door-to-door canvas of residences within Ogle County checking for current vaccination and registration of dogs.
  • Drafted an inter-governmental agreement for enforcement of leash laws set forth by the Village of Adeline, and Pine Rock Township.
  • Inter-governmental agreements regarding leash laws are available to other townships and unincorporated villages throughout Ogle County.
  • Microchips for pets are available from most veterinary clinics throughout the State of Illinois, which makes it easier to locate the owners of stray dogs that are picked up by the Warden who has a microchip reader for identification purposes.  The Ogle County Animal Control Department has seen to it that each veterinary clinic in Ogle County has a microchip reader in their clinics for use when a stray is brought to their clinic by someone other than the Animal Warden.


“It’s Hip to Snip and be Chipped.”