Who is my State of Illinois District or Official?

Can I get someone else's Birth Certificate?

Where do I get copies of my military discharge papers?

Where do I file an Economic Interest Statement?

Where do I pay my Real Estate Taxes?

Where can I register to vote or obtain Election information?

Where do I go for a building permit if I live in unincorporated Ogle County?

Where do I go for questions regarding zoning and subdivision information?

What office do I call for GED information?

Where do I get my driver's license?

I need information on services for physical, environmental or mental health. Where do I call?

Where do I call for information on Public Aid?

Which office do I visit for information on liens, property ownership or names for corporations?

Where do I call to get information about recycling opportunities or other Solid Waste Management issues?

Where do I find out about events at the Ogle County Fairgrounds?

Where do I pay fines or inquire about a court date?