Private Sewage Program

Private Sewage Program

The Ogle County Health Department permits new septic system installations and repairs in accordance with the Ogle County Sewage Disposal, Private Systems and IDPH Administrative Code PART 905 PRIVATE SEWAGE DISPOSAL CODE and PART 906 PRIVATE SEWAGE MOUND CODE. IDPH licenses the private sewage installers, private sewage pumpers, portable sanitation businesses and portable sanitation technicians. Ogle County licenses private sewage installers, private sewage pumpers, private sewage pumper trucks and aeration service providers. Any contractor licensed with IDPH can be licensed with Ogle County. After permit approval, OCHD will complete an onsite inspection before the system gets covered up. Septic tanks should be pumped every 3-5 years depending upon the usage. If you’re septic system fails or is backing up, please contact a licensed septic installer. They will be able to best assist you with your specific situation. 
Septic Systems: Types with Pictures
Septic Interactive: How A Septic System Works

New House Construction
For a new house being built with a new septic system, the first step is to determine who you will be using as a septic installer. Once a septic installer is determined, they will be the ones who typically hire the soil consultant to come and do soils. If soils have been done recently, the site hasn’t changed and this is where your field is going to go, the soils can be sent to your septic installer. The soils include information such as soil types, soil loading rates, water tables and bedrock information. The septic installer will then determine based off the soils what system can be installed in this area. They will fill out the septic application and include a site plan, elevations sheet and maintenance agreement. The maintenance agreement is filled out by the homeowner or facility owner and given to the contractor to send in. They will submit this to OCHD for the reviewing process. In most cases, the review time takes 2-5 business days depending on schedules and if there are any issues. Once approved, a copy of the permit is sent to the septic installer and the zoning department. The zoning department needs the septic system permit before they will issue a building permit.
New House in Need of Septic and Well

Additions and Pools
For additions, remodeling and pools, a site plan of the septic system can be received from Ogle County if the system is not too old. To receive this, please call (815) 562-6976?. If there is no site plan on file, a licensed septic installer will need to come out to verify the location of the septic tank and field. For above ground pools, the septic tank and field must be 10 feet away from the pool.

For in-ground pools, the septic tank and field must be 25 feet away from the pool. For dwellings, the septic tank must be 5 feet away and the septic field must be 10 feet away. If it is a bedroom addition, it will need to be determined that there is enough field to suffice for an additional bedroom. If the addition or remodel is over $25,000, an evaluation of the septic system will need to be conducted by a licensed septic installer or Ogle County Health Department. Please review the following document for more information on site plans and evaluations.
Septic System Drawing Requirements and Evaluation

Do you have an existing septic system you want to se for building a new house, renovation or addition of a bedroom? 
Existing Septic Systems - Home Build, Remodel and Additions

Aeration Septic System
An aeration septic system includes an aerobic treatment plant that pushes air and oxygen into your sewage water. The additional oxygen increases natural bacterial activity within the system, that then provides additional treatment for nutrients in the effluent. If these systems surface discharge, they are required to have a chlorinator, as well. These systems can go to a smaller field for limited lot space, be closer to groundwater tables and bedrock and surface discharge with IL EPA approval of an NPDES permit. NPDES stands for National Pollutant Discharge Eliminating System. Ogle County Sewage Disposal code requires a yearly annual registration and fee with OCHD, a contract with an aeration service provider and 2 inspections per year with sampling. If there are any problems during inspection, they need to be fixed right away or the system will be put into violation. It is a complex system that can cause groundwater issues if the system is not kept in compliance.
Aeration Brochure
     OCHD Installer and Pumper Application
     Septic Installation Application Form with Elevations Sheet
     Ogle County Non-Resident Septic Maintenance Agreement Form
     Ogle County Residential Septic System Maintenance Agreement Form
     Maintenance Record Sheet Template
     Initial Homeowner Approval for Land Application Form
     Surface Application of Septic Sewage from Private Sewage Disposal Systems Application Form
     Ogle County Fee Schedule
     Septic Installation Application Form with Elevations Sheet

     IDPH Private Sewage Disposal
     IDPH License Verification
     Ogle County Septic Installer List
     Ogle County Licensed Septic Pumpers
     Ogle County Licensed Aeration Service Providers
     Find a Soil Classifier
     Private Septic System - Loan Program
     Private Septic USDA Rural Development Grant & Loan Program