The Zoning OrdinanceFlood Damage Prevention Ordinance and Land Subdivision Regulations are enforced by several methods. Written notice of the violation is issued to the citizen that attempts to educate the citizen of the ordinance violation and to obtain their voluntary compliance. With minor, easily rectified violations, a verbal notice of the violation and attempt to educate the citizen is made in order to obtain compliance. If the first attempt at compliance fails, a more firm written notice and order of compliance is issued which orders the violator to come into compliance. In cases which cannot be resolved at this administrative level, an ordinance violation suit may be filed in the Ogle County Code Hearing Unit by the Planning & Zoning Department, or in the Circuit Court by the Civil Division of the State’s Attorney’s Office. Fines and compliance are usually sought as part of this method of enforcement.

If you believe that a violation of the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance  or Land Subdivision Regulations exists, you may file a complaint with the Planning & Zoning Department.  A “Statement by Complainant” form may be downloaded below.

Download:  Statement by Complainant form (.pdf)

Ogle County Code Hearing Unit
In 2008 the Ogle County Board created and established a Code Hearing Unit as a separate agency in the Ogle County Government structure in order to provide for fair and efficient enforcement of applicable and authorized County ordinances; the definition, identification, and abatement of public nuisances; the accumulation, disposal and transportation of garbage, refuse, and other forms of solid waste; sanitation practices and zoning as allowed by law and directed by ordinance, through an administrative adjudication of violations of such County ordinances and establishing authority and procedures for collection of unpaid fines and penalties.

 The Code Hearing Unit has the power to conduct administrative adjudication proceedings for the County, its departments, and its Officers and to enforce provisions of the Ogle County Code. The establishment of the Code Hearing Unit does not preclude the County of Ogle from using other methods to enforce the provisions of the Ogle County Code.

Download:  Ordinance Authorizing Administrative Adjudication of Ordinance Violations