Using Ogle County GIS

Go to the Ogle County website at;
Click on the “GIS” tab;
At the site, choose the “Map Services” located in the in upper right corner. Review disclaimer and choose “yes”.

At next screen, click on “Enter the Site”;
Choose “Illinois” and “Ogle” for state & county and then “Property Search”;
At next screen, (should say “Beacon” at top) enter the 10 digit tax id number without dashes or enter address number only for a list of all addresses containing those numbers.

Summary screen allows you to verify that you have chosen the right parcel by verifying the acreage and/or address if there has been one assigned to the site. Choose “Map” tab and the parcel in question will be outlined in aqua.

In “Layers” column to left, click on box next to the word “Zoning” and then on the box next to the word “Zoning” from the drop down menu; the parcel color will change color.

At the bottom of the “Layers” column there is a “Legend” drop-down menu. This menu states what zoning district each color represents. Compare the color of the parcel in question to determine the zoning.

To see an overhead photo of the parcel, first turn the zoning layer off by clicking on the zoning box and then click on the “Orthophotography” box to turn that layer on. To determine if the parcel is in the flood plain, click on the “FEMA floodplain” box to turn that layer on. The floodplain area will appear as an aqua hatching pattern.
NOTE: The photo nor the flood plain area will appear while the zoning layer is on.

If you require something in writing, fax the parcel number/address to the Zoning office at 815-732-2229. If you want to sign up for an account and be able to search by name, contact the GIS Department at 815-732-1153.

Click here to download this information as a .pdf document.