Adult Information

The mission of the Adult Division of the Ogle County Probation Department is to promote a safer community by intervening in the lives of offenders, holding them accountable, and serving as a catalyst for positive change.

Through a balance of enforcement and treatment strategies, we hold them accountable and afford them opportunities to become productive, law abiding citizens.

Integrity, fairness and honesty guide our dealing with others. As leaders in our field and in the community, our decisions are proactive, grounded in our mission, and guided by experience, research and program evaluation.

What are the rules of reporting to my Probation Officer?

What types of information will I need to provide at my appointments?

What do I do if I cannot reach my Probation Officer by phone?

What are Courthouse/Probation hours and rules?

What do I do if I have law enforcement contact while on probation?

How do I pay my fines, costs and/or restitution?

How do I contact the Public Defender's office in Ogle County?

What do I need to bring to obtain a travel permit?

How do I get my driver's license back after suspension or revocation?

How do I contact parole after being released from the Illinois department of Corrections?