Juvenile Information

The mission of the Juvenile Division of the Ogle County Probation Department is to supervise and maintain accountability for court ordered minors by providing structure, guidance, and support for the youth and their families.

                                                                                               Juvenile Court Process
After a juvenile is arrested, copies of the police report are forwarded to the State's Attorney's office and Probation Department.  After review, if the juvenile is not currently on Probation or Court Supervision, the juvenile and parents/guardians will be contacted by an Ogle County Probation Officer to set up a Preliminary Conference Appointment.  At this appointment, the Probation Officer will gather information about the minor and family to prepare a Preliminary Conference Report for the State's Attorney.  

If a court case is filed, the juvenile and the parents/guardian(s) will receive in the mail their first court date called an arraignment.  At the arraignment,  the juvenile and the parents/guardian(s) will be read the charges and their rights.  If the parents/guardians are unable to hire a private attorney, a public defender will be appointed to the case.  Once an attoryney is assigned,  a court date is set.   The juvenile must be represented by an attorney at all hearings. 

If the juvenile is found not guilty, the case is closed and there is no juvenile record.  If the juvenile is found guilty or pleads guilty to the case, he/she is placed on Court Supervision or Probation.  Before leaving the courthouse, the parents/guardians and the juvenile will meet with a Probation Officer.  At this meeting, the Probation Officer will collect contact information and schedule a future appointment.  The parent/guardian must be with the juvenile at the next appointment with the Probation Officer.  At this meeting,  the Officer will explain the the Court Order and all expectations. 

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