Sentenced to Jail / Work Release

People sentenced to serve Jail time must arrive at the Ogle County Correctional Center’s front vestibule, by the designated date & time noted on their Sentencing Order.  Please bring a copy of your Sentencing Order with you.   All personal property will be secured in a property bag and stored until the completion of your sentence, so do not bring in large amounts of property.  Hygiene items and extra clothing may be purchased from commissary.  Commissary orders must be placed by 11:00pm, on Sunday night.

The following items are prohibited and will be disposed of, if they are brought to the Jail: 

Weapons of any kind                      Cannabis (All type or forms)                        Perishable items food or liquids

Cutting/shaving tools                     All tobacco products                                       Glass items

Incendiary (flammable) items     Alcoholic beverages of any kind                 Smoking paraphernalia

Periodic Imprisonment / Work Release

Ogle County Work Release Packet

the following apply to inmates sentenced to Periodic Imprisonment, also known as Work Release:

Inmates on Work Release:

  • will be charged $24.00 per day, for the entire duration of their sentence
  • may bring up to 3 days’ worth of work clothes
  • will have access to a washer and dryer to launder their work clothes
  • may NOT bring a cell phone into the jail or it will be confiscated and placed with their personal property until the completion of their sentence
  • may NOT bring work tools into the jail or they will be disposed of
  • May leave cell phones and/or work tools in their vehicle, with their driver, or at work
May elect to have a lunch provided by the Jail, to take to work. A cooler/lunch box will be issued to the work release inmate and they will be responsible for ensuring that it is returned daily.  Inmates who damage or fail to return the cooler/lunch box will be charged for the cost of a replacement.

The following items are required before you can leave for work your first day:

  • Must have a Proof of Employment Letter including the following:
    • Must be on company letter-head
    • Hire date
    • Schedule, to include days and hours you work. (If hours or schedule very then a weekly schedule will need to be provided on company letterhead and signed by your supervisor each week you are in custody.)
    • How you are paid, (weekly or biweekly)
    • Your immediate supervisor’s name, phone number with extension, and Email
    • Actual work site address if different then the address on your letterhead.
    • Signed by Human Resource Personnel or Owner of the Company.
  • Most recent pay stub. If you are paid in cash, you must provide tax information that supports this from the previous year.
  • Transportation information needed: Valid DL for you or your driver(s) if you are being picked up, current registration, proof of insurance for the cars(s) that will be driven, and route you will take to work. Every person that drives you to work must bring in all the in above paperwork.


All other rules and regulations will be discussed with you when you arrive at the jail.