Drop-off Recycling Stations


 Recycle Right! flyer

Items to be Recycled


Not Accepted – Dispose


Clean Newspapers, all ads & inserts.

Plastic bags or string, wet, moldy or dirty  newspapers.

 Other Paper

Magazines, junk mail, catalogs, phone books,
office paper, flattened chipboard (cereal, shoe &
pasta boxes), paper grocery bags, flattened corrugated cardboard, beer/soda boxes, paper milk and
juice cartons, post it notes, tissue boxes, books,
gift wrap, construction paper, yellow cardboard.

Shredded paper, tissues, napkins, waxed paper or
waxed cardboard, fast-food wrap, pizza boxes,
plastic lined paper dog or cat food bags, or wood.

Plastic Containers

Marked #1-#7 (excluding #6), empty soft drink, milk, laundry, bleach jugs, shampoo & household cleaner
bottles, yogurt containers, margarine tubs, etc. 
Flatten bottles & jugs and replace caps to save space.

Containers with no #s on bottom.Styrofoam (cups, peanuts, rigid packing materials, etc.), toys, plastic
bags, plastic silverware, hangers, buckets, laundry baskets, items that contained hazardous materials.

Aluminum  &  Steel

Flattened empty aluminum & steel food & beverage
cans & lids, aluminum foil & pie plates, baking pans &
tins, paint cans that have no paint residue.

Scrap metal, cleaning fluid & poison containers,
wires, hangers, toys, silverware, containers from petroleum based household solvents &
pesticides, paint cans with liquid or dry paint
residue, aerosol cans.   No Electronics!


Glass food & beverage containers.  
All colors of bottles & jars, emptied, rinsed.

All other glass including window glass, light bulbs, mirrors, Pyrex, ceramic, porcelain drinking glasses, dishes, tableware, broken glass.

No dumping of refuse, landscape waste, hazardous waste, tires, appliances, toys, clothing, or other waste!

Residential recycling only
Not for residents who have curbside recycling

Business use prohibited

 For more information call Ogle County Solid Waste Management 815-732-4020


Recycling Do’s and Don’ts:  Recycling Guide Homewood Disposal Service

                        IS RECYCLING ENOUGH?                          
We must now take the next step!
Recycling material instead of throwing it out is only half of the job. We must now look to buying recycled products. By helping create a market for recycled products, we ensure that recycling works! A package label will usually identify whether the product or packaging material is made of recycled materials.
Read the labels!