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2023 Ogle County Residential

Recycling Event Dates:

January 27th (Friday) - Electronics
February 24th (Friday) - Electronics
March 31st (Friday) - Electronics
April 15th (Saturday) - Latex Paint, Paper Shredding & Aerosols
April 28th (Friday) - Electronics
May 20th (Saturday) – Electronics
June 23rd (Friday) - Electronics
July 28th (Friday) - Electronics
August 12th (Saturday) - Oil, Filters, Antifreeze, Latex Paint & Aerosols
August 25th (Friday) - Electronics
September 29th (Friday) - Electronics
October 14th (Saturday) – Electronics & Paper Shredding
November 17th (Friday) - Electronics
No December Events

Friday event hours:        9:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m.
Saturday event hours:  8:00 a.m.—12:00 p.m.

Events for Ogle County residents only.  No businesses. 
Permits required in advance for electronics recycling events.
Event dates and times are subject to change.

2021 Solid Waste Management Plan Update

The Ogle County Solid Waste Management Plan was updated in October of 2021. A Citizen’s Advisory Committee was formed to provide public input into the process. The Solid Waste Planning and Recycling Act requires each Illinois County to prepare, adopt and implement a 20-year municipal waste management plan. Under this law, the plans must also be updated and reviewed every five years.

The original Ogle County Solid Waste Plan was adopted in 1991. Three subsequent five year updates were completed in 1998, 2003, and 2015. The updated Solid Waste Management Plan for 2021 is available to be viewed or downloaded below, or printed copies are available from the Solid Waste Management Department.

The purpose of doing the solid waste management plan update was to review the recommendations and tasks in the existing plan, discuss various waste management options, consider suggestions from the advisory committee, and to propose new recommendations to the Ogle County Board for the 2021 Solid Waste Management Plan Update.  These recommendations included plans for waste reduction, recycling, and final disposal of waste generated in Ogle County.

2021 Solid Waste Management Plan Update
The 2021 Solid Waste Management Plan Update is available for review at the link above.  The Ogle County Board approved this Plan Update in October of 2021. 
For more information about the Solid Waste Management Plan Update, visit our Resources Page.

Green Bags 
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Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications Disposal
Waste medicine such as expired or unneeded prescription and over the counter medications can be safely disposed at all of the local police and sheriff's departments at these locations:

Ogle County Sheriff's Department, 202 S. 1st St., Oregon - open 24/7
Police departments:
Byron, Mt. Morris, Forreston, Oregon, Polo, and Rochelle - during business hours
Waste Medicine/Sharps Disposal Page



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