Solid Waste Management Department Overview

The Ogle County Solid Waste Management Department (OCSWMD) promotes recycling, waste reduction, and safe disposal options for waste generated in Ogle County.  It also provides local monitoring and enforcement of solid waste management laws and regulations.  The Department was formed in March of 1998 by resolution of the Ogle County Board.  Prior to that time many of the functions of the Ogle County Solid Waste Management Department were ful?lled through the Health Department.

The responsibilities of the Department include:

Solid Waste Management Planning:
The OCSWMD is responsible for  developing, implementing, and updating the County’s Solid Waste Management Plan required by state statute.  The most recent Plan (2021 SW Plan Update)  was completed in 2021, and involved reviewing waste management options for Ogle County, with the help of a Citizen Advisory Committee. The Plan includes recommendations for programs and tasks in the following areas:

Public Information & Education:
All of the efforts of the Department rely on effective communication with county residents. Talks and activities on waste reduction, recycling, composting and waste management are presented to schools and other groups.  Current information for residents is provided on our website, Facebook page, newsletters and brochures.

Recycling Programs:
Recycling programs and initiatives include efforts to improve and expand curbside and drop-off recycling programs, commercial waste reduction and recycling options, as well as continuing popular recycling events for electronics, paint, motor oil, document shredding, Christmas lights & trees, and aerosol products.  Composting and organic waste management initiatives are also emphasized.  Options for recycling other items like tires, appliances, rechargeable batteries, and other items are explored and promoted.

Disposal Options:
This includes providing information and services to Ogle County residents and businesses that promote save alternatives for disposing of materials that are difficult to dispose of such as household hazardous waste, expired medicine, paint, tires, and other bulky waste items.  Cleanup day grants are offered to units of government to help their efforts.

Record-keeping and Reporting:
State recycling goals make it necessary to keep track of the amount of waste that is recycled, land?lled, or disposed of in other ways.  The OCSWMD tracks this data and continues to strive towards higher recycling goals.

Enforcement of State and Local Laws and Regulations:
Since 1990 Ogle County has maintained a Delegation Agreement with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency for enforcement of State solid waste management laws and regulations.  This Agreement requires regular inspections and monitoring of permitted land?lls in the County as well as investigating citizen complaints about illegal dumping or open burning of waste. On average more than 90 complaints are received and investigated and about 75 land?ll and open dump inspections are conducted annually.

Land?ll Permits and Siting Application Review:
The OCSWMD plays an important role in the review of land?ll siting applications and permit requests submitted to the Illinois EPA. The Department has also worked with land?ll owners and operators to establish additional environmental safeguards and ?nancial bene?ts for Ogle County through host county agreements.

Grants and Special Events:
Each year the Ogle County Solid Waste Management Department provides Clean Up Day Grants to municipalities and townships to help beautify the County and provide disposal options for residents.  Waste Reduction and Recycling Grants are offered annually to schools and businesses in the County.  Special collection events for safe disposal or recycling of household hazardous waste, motor oil, electronics, Christmas trees and lights, and other difficult to manage waste are held periodically.

Funding for these programs and the Ogle County Solid Waste Mgmt. Department has been made possible through land?ll fees, state grants, and through limited general revenue funds appropriated by the Ogle County Board.

Department Staff:

  • Paul Cooney, Director

  • Matthew Dickey, Solid Waste Management Specialist

  • Dana Hubbard, Administrative Assistant

Ogle County Board HEW, Veterans, & Solid Waste Committee:

  • Dean Fox, Chairman
  • Dave Williams, Vice-Chairman
  • John Finfrock
  • Stan Asp
  • Steve Huber
  • Jackie Ramsey
  • Joseph Simms