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2023 BOR Publication List


The Board of Review is a three person committee that is appointed by the Ogle County Board to hear assessment appeals.  By statute (35 ILCS 200/16-20), the Board of Review consists of two individuals of the majority party, and one of the minority party in the county.  For Ogle County, that means two republican members and one democrat member.  The Board of Review typically meets on a more regular basis in November, December and January of the tax year, after the deadline to file appeals has passed.  When an appeal is filed, the Board of Review will review all the information that is submitted by the property owner and the township assessor.  The Board may schedule a hearing in the matter, and its decision will be made on the evidence submitted and any testimony given at the hearing.  The Board of Review also rules on requests for exemption from property taxes.

Before filing your appeal, please read the Board of Review rules, and the instructions on the appeal form.  Appeals must be filed via U.S. Mail and postmarked by the deadline, or filed in person by the deadline.  Faxes, emails or other electronic transmissions will not be accepted.

Board of Review Rules –pdf

Appeal Form - pdf

Commercial Appeal Form - pdf

Request to Intervene - pdf