Property Owners, Parcel Numbers & Assessed Values


Below there are two files for each Township.  The first is a list of the assessment changes other than by equalization, the second is a complete list of assessments by township.  Only those on the list of assessment changes will receive an individual assessment notice. 

Brookville                           Changes                   Complete
Buffalo                                  Changes                   Complete
Byron                                    Changes                    Complete
Dement                               Changes                    Complete
Eagle Point                        Changes                    Complete
Flagg                                     Changes                     Complete
Forreston                           Changes                    Complete
Grand Detour                 Changes                     Complete
Lafayette                           Changes                     Complete
Leaf River                          Changes                    Complete
Lincoln                                Changes                      Complete
Lynnville                            Changes                      Complete
Marion                                Changes                      Complete
Maryland                           Changes                      Complete
Monroe                               Changes                      Complete
Mt Morris                          Changes                      Complete
Oregon-Nashua             Changes                    Complete
Pine Creek                        Changes                     Complete
Pine Rock                           Changes                      Complete
Rockvale                            Changes                       Complete
Scott                                     Changes                       Complete
Taylor                                    Changes                      Complete
White Rock                       Changes                      Complete
Woosung                            Changes                      Complete

Please note these values are subject to change by the Ogle County Board of Review, These changes are also subject to equalization the Board of Review  and/or Illinois Department of Revenue.