Online Tax Information

The Ogle County Treasurer’s office is delighted to offer online access to property tax information. We have developed a central source with our tax software company to provide information on all property-related inquiries.

To access the tax information, click HERE . You have a choice of searching by address or by parcel number.

Address: Enter the house number and street name only – do not input directionals (N, S, etc.) or suffixes (Ave., St., etc.). If you just enter a street name, you will get all parcels on that street. If you just enter a house number, you will get all parcels that contain that number in the address.

Parcel number: Enter the 10-digit parcel number, which can be found on your property tax bill. It is usually displayed as XX-XX-XXX-XXX but can be entered with or without the dashes.

If multiple results are returned, click on the link to the one you want to see. You will now have several tabs to select from or you may scroll down the screen for all information available on that parcel.

You can click on the Beacon tab to see mapping of that parcel. We are also offering an option to print the parcel data.

Property owner information is not available to the general public. We will be offering access to have property owner information in the very near future. There will be a fee for this service. If you currently have a subscription with our GIS department, that is still valid through the Beacon website.

Prepayment for property taxes will be accepted from December 1st – April 1st, please click link below for the form: Application for Ogle County Property Tax Prepayment Program