Quick Facts

Ogle County is the 17th largest county in the state, having an approximate size of 757 square miles, 488,320 acres of land, of which 32,200 acres are forest land.  This is 3.8% of the total area of Ogle County.

The growth of housing within the various cities and subdivisions throughout Ogle County, and the increase in population, which according to our information will be approximately 52,000 by the year 2002 means an increase in the number of pets each family owns.

Currently, Ogle County Animal Control has on file just over 13,000 dogs registered.

Using the 1994 Census figures showing the population to be 48,802, and using the figure that each household has a family of 4, this computes to approximately one dog per every household.  This means every time the human population grows by 1,000, the dog population grows by 250.

If the population of Ogle County reaches the projected figure of 52,000 by the year 2002, this means an increase of approximately 1,000 dogs could exist by this date.

“It’s hip to snip and be chipped.”