Staff Duties

Duties of the Animal Warden:

  • Checks to make sure all dogs and companion cats within Ogle County are currently vaccinated against rabies, and are registered within Ogle County.
  • Picks up stray dogs throughout the county.
  •  Utilizes whatever means available to try to locate the owners of stray dogs that are picked up within Ogle County.
  • Works with area clinics to try to adopt out stray dogs that have not been claimed when they have been impounded as a stray and no owner is located.
  •  Investigates dog bite reports throughout the county.
  • Distribute rabies tags and registration forms to the veterinary clinics within Ogle County as well as to clinics in surrounding counties that vaccinate dogs from Ogle County.

Duties of the Registration Officer:

  • Receptionist and Administrative Assistant to Chief Warden and Department Administrator.
  • Maintains database of rabies vaccinations and keeps information current regarding status of dogs and cats.
  • Maintains hard-copy files of vaccination certificates.
  • Sells rabies tags to over-the-counter customers.
  • Prepares weekly deposit of payments received from clinics and dog and cat owners.
  • Maintains record of all tags issued by individual clinics and the Animal Control Office.
  • Prepares and mails monthly vaccination and registration reminders, overdue vaccination and registration letters and final notices to delinquent dog and cat owners.
  •  Prepares and mails Animal Bite Reports to owners and victims and maintains file of bite information and veterinarian inspection reports.
  • Prepares budget information to be presented to the HEW Committee at their monthly meeting.
  • Gathers information regarding “Lost” and “Found” dogs and cats.
  • Orders office supplies, mails certificate books and/or tags to clinics upon request.

Duties of the Part-Time Office Staff:

  • Receptionist and phone duty during noon hour.
  • Assists with data entry of vaccination information.
  • Sells tags to over-the-counter customers.