Graduate Success Stories

This particular young man came to Focus House at the age of fourteen. He was in trouble with the court for committing offenses against some of his family members and due to poor supervision at home was unable to remain in residence with his family. He had also had a lengthy history of mental health issues as well as problems in school related to behavior and attendance. At the time of placement we understood that it was unlikely that he would return home and although his family was supportive of the youth and his placement at Focus House. His family did provide him with some visitation, however, they were unable to provide him with the support system at home that he would require in order to reside there full time. The young man had struggles throughout his placement at Focus House but also had many successes. Through his treatment at Focus House he was able to become stable on medications that helped him better control his moods and behavior. He was also able to graduate from Rochelle Township High School and begin taking classes at Kishwaukee Community College in the Diesel Power Program. After discharge from Focus House he transitioned into his own apartment in and was able to manage all of his responsibilities with continued support from Focus House and his family.

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