How can I find out how my property is zoned, what uses may be established on the property, and what the applicable setback and yard area requirements are for my property?

Do I need a permit?

If my building is on skids, do I need a permit (Zoning Certificate)?

Do I need a permit (Zoning Certificate) for a swimming pool?

Do I need a permit to re-roof, install a new window(s), or to install new siding?

Do I need a permit to erect or install a sign?

Do I need a permit to erect or construct a fence?

Are there any limitations on how many dwelling units can be build on a lot or parcel of land, or on how many people may occupy a dwelling unit?

If I come to the Planning & Zoning Department and file and application for a Zoning Certificate, will I  be able to leave with a Zoning Certificate?  If not, how long does it take to receive a Zoning Certificate once an application is filed?

Are any inspections required?

What should I do to prepare for a site inspection?

Do I have to be present during the site inspection?

Can I operate a business from my home?

Are there building codes in Ogle County?

Does the County enforce any of the covenants or deed restrictions that may be applicable to my subdivision?

My neighbor hasn't mowed his lawn in weeks.  Is there a County ordinance prohibiting grass from growing over a certain height?

Is it possible to obtain a plat of my property from the county?

I understand that my property may be located in a "floodplain" or a "flood zone".  Can this affect my plans to build on the property?

How do I report a possible violation of the zoning ordinance or floodplain development regulations?