Separating an Existing Dwelling

  • The existing dwelling must be zoned AG-1 (Agricultural District) and must have been constructed prior to March 24, 1992.
  • A Plat of Survey is required (prepared by a Professional Land Surveyor licensed in the State of Illinois.)
  • The resulting lot/parcel must be at least one (1) acre in area (43,560 square feet) and have at least 150′ of road frontage. However, if the existing dwelling is located at least 300′ from the road from which access is obtained, an access strip may be used. The access strip must be at least 20′ in width. The interior lot/parcel must meet the minimum lot size (not including the access strip) and width requirement (150′.)
  • All buildings must be “spotted” (shown) on the plat of survey. Yard area requirements must be met. The dwelling must be at least 25′ from side lot line(s) and 50′ from the rear lot line. Accessory buildings (shed, garage, barn, etc.) smaller than 216 square feet must be at least 5′ from a side/rear lot line. Accessory buildings larger than 216 square feet must be at least 15′ from a side/rear lot line.
  • Ensure that the well and septic system (not only the septic tank, but the seepage field or other components) that serve the dwelling are located within the boundary of the parcel being created, and are in compliance with any setback distances required by the Ogle County Health Department.
  • The plat of survey must be presented to the Zoning Administrator for review and approval prior to recordation and sale/transfer of ownership.
  • The plat of survey must be recorded with the Ogle County Recorder either prior to or with the deed of conveyance.
  • Any other questions should be directed to the Zoning Administrator.

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