Commercial Wind & Solar Energy Facility Applications

Illinois Statewide Siting Standards for Wind/Solar - 2023
Ogle County Wind/Solar Energy Ordinance(s)
Administrative Guide & Application Checklist

Solar Ad Hoc Committee Mission Statement


Commercial  Solar Special Use Conditions

Background Information Provided to Ad Hoc Committee:
Regulation of Solar Farms (PowerPoint Presentation)
Solar Farm Special Use Conditions
Standard Solar AIMA
Survey of Illinois County Solar Farm/Solar Energy System Regulations
Zoning Ordinance Special Use Standards
Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment for Solar Farms
Solar Panel Recycling Presentation - ISTC

Submitted October 10, 2018:
Letter from Ogle County SWCD
Letter from Marion Township
Presentation by Ben Youman

Submitted October 17, 2018
SEIA US Solar Market Insight 2018Q3 (Reed Wills)
SEIA Factsheet North Carolina 2018Q2 (Reed Wills)
Health and Safety Impacts of Solar Photovoltaics 2017 White Paper (Reed Wills)
Solar Energy Myths - 7 Misconceptions About Solar PV (Reed Wills)
Europe's First Solar Panel Recycling Plant (Reed Wills)
SEIA National PV Recycling Program (Reed Wills)

Matrix (Scott Christensen)

Working Special Use Conditions document

Submitted October 23, 2018
Sam Miller Letter
Sanders submitted news article
Cindy Miller recommendation
Farms Under Threat
Population Density map (actually displays population by Census Block)
Population Density map (display actual population density in persons per square mile by Census Block)
Suggested changes to Special Use Conditions from Att'y Michael Shalbrack
Revised Working Special Use Conditions document

Submitted October 30, 2018
Articles Related to Decommissioning
Articles Related to Disposal of Solar Plant Waste
Articles Related to Hazardous Materials and Watersheds
Articles Related to Special Use Criteria
Ben Youman Exhibits
Cindy Miller Exhibits
Claudia Pihl Letter and Exhibit
Claudia Pihl Letter and Exhibits
Claudia and Dean Pihl Letter
Deb Maas Exhibits
Jessie Coffey Letter
Mark Miller Exhibit
Ronda Poliska Letter
Teri Walk Letter

Revised Working Special Use Conditions document including amendments approved by ad hoc committee on October 23, 2018 and including all suggested amendments of Attorney Mike Shalbrack.

November 9, 2018
Solar Farm Special Use Conditions Document as approved by Solar Ad Hoc Committee

November 12, 2018
Amended Solar Farm Special Use Conditions Document as approved by Solar Ad Hoc Committee

Property Value Impact Studies
Property Value Impact Study 1
Property Value Impact Study 2
Property Value Impact Study 3