Posting Bond, Commissary and Phone Calls

Posting Bail

Bail payments can be made online, by phone, or on the kiosk located at the Ogle County Judicial  Center Annex building, 601 W. Washington St., in Oregon, IL.  Acceptable forms of payment include cash (U.S. Currency ONLY), credit card and debit card, for amounts up to $5,000.00.  A certified cashier’s check may be used for bail amounts greater than $5,000.00. In addition to the bail amount, there is a $45.00 bonding fee, which must be paid at the time bail payment is posted.  Please note that all bail payments will be charged a service fee, by the third-party service provider used to process all bail transactions.

Notice to Bail Money Depositor/Refunds (Surety)

Individuals who post the full bail amount for a defendant may be eligible to receive all, or a portion, of the funds deposited for bail, upon completion of the case.  To become eligible, the Depositor of the bail money must complete the Notice to The Person Providing Bail Money Other than Defendant section of the Bail Bond Form, in person, at the Ogle County Judicial Center Annex Building, at the time you deposit the bail payment.  If you wish to complete and sign the bail bond form, please advise Jail Staff at the time you post the full bail amount.  After the completion of the case, please contact the Ogle County Circuit Clerk for all inquiries pertaining to bail money refunds or the Surety you completed.

Posting bail by Phone or Online

To begin the bail payment process by phone or online, please contact Jail Staff,  at 815-732-2135, to verify that the individual you are attempting to post bail for is in custody and also to determine the total bail amount.  After you have verified with Jail Staff that the individual is in custody and have been provided the total bail amount, you may pay the bail amount online, at, or by phone, by calling 1-866-345-1884.

Posting bail by Kiosk

When using the kiosk to make a bail payment, you must first use the intercom to provide Jail Staff with the name of the individual you would like to make a bail payment for.  After you have received verification from Jail Staff that the individual is in custody, you will use the kiosk’s touchscreen to select the Bail option and then follow the prompts on the screen to complete the bail payment transaction.  A valid form of photo ID must be inserted into the ID card reader when using the kiosk, regardless of payment type.  Credit card and/or debit card payments must be made with a card belonging to the person posting the bail payment and will require a valid photo ID matching the name on the card used for said payment to be inserted into the kiosk ID Card reader, for verification.  Accepted forms of valid I.D. are: State issued Driver’s License/ID Card or Military ID Card  

Posting Bail with a Certified Cashier’s Check

 Bail in the amount greater than $5,000.00 may be made with a certified cashier’s check.  All bail payments made with a certified cashier’s check require pre-authorization from the Jail Supervisor and must be posted during the issuing bank’s business hours.  The certified cashier’s check must be for the total bail amount only and payable to the Ogle County Circuit Clerk.  All fees associated with bail payments must be paid separately from the bail payment and may be on kiosk using cash (U.S. Currency ONLY), credit card or debit card.  Please note that all kiosk transactions incur service fees from the service provider and will require a valid form of Photo I.D. (State issued Driver’s License or ID Card / ID Card or Military ID Card).

Commissary and Phone Calls

We do not deliver messages unless it is an emergency. The emergency will need to be verified.  Please be prepared to provide correctional staff information on the nature of the emergency, to include any phone numbers, names, hospitals etc., for verification.

The following options are available to deposit money on an inmates account for Commissary or Phone Calls (each option does charge additional fees):

            - Cash can be brought to the Ogle County Correctional Center and deposited
               into the Kiosk in the vestibule.

             -Funds can be applied by a credit card or debit card by contacting Access
               Correction at 1-866-345-1884 or
Attention:  Once funds are placed on an inmate's account, they become the property of that inmate.  Persons lodged at the Ogle County Correctional Center are expected to pay co-pay fees for medical & dental treatment, while incarcerated.  If and inmate does not have funds in their account when a deposit is made or the balance owed can be collected upon their next, during any future, incarceration.  No inmate is refused medical or dental services for and inability to pay co-pay fees.
To set up an account to receive collect phone calls contact:
              -CPC customer service at 1-877-998-4678, online at
                or using the CPC kiosk that is located in the jail lobby.

Inbound connection options are not available.