Posting Bond, Commissary and Phone Calls

Posting Bond 

Bond for an inmate can be posted using cash, credit card, debit card, or in limited cases, a cashier's check. There is a $45.00 fee to take bond in addition to the bail amount regardless of how bond payment is made. First, contact the Ogle County Correctional Center, at 815-732-2135, to get the exact bail amount needed. This will prompt correctional staff to set up the bail account for the appropriate individual. Bail May be posted using a credit card or debit card, by contacting Access Corrections by phone, at 1-866-345-1884, online at, or by using the Kiosk at the Ogle Correctional Center.

Cash bond payments must be brought to the Ogle County Correctional Center and deposited into the Kiosk, in the front vestibule.

In order to deposit money into the Kiosk for bond payments, notify correctional staff that you are wanting to post bond, via the intercom in the front vestibule of the Ogle County Correctional Center. Once you have given correctional staff the name of the person you are posting bond for, the bail account will be activated. After receiving notification that the bail account has been activated, you can start using the Kiosk. Using the Kiosk’s touchscreen, select the Bail option, not the Commissary option, and follow the prompts on the screen.

When using a credit card or debit card to post bail, please note that there are additional service fees charged by the Kiosk service provider.

Bail in the amount of $5,000.00 or greater may require payment to be made with a cashier’s check. All bond payments made with a cashier’s check require pre-authorization from the on-duty supervisor and must be posted during bank hours on the same day. The cashier’s check must be for the full bail amount only, exclude all fees, and must be payable to the Ogle County Circuit Clerk. All fees associated with bond payments must be paid separately from bail. Bond payment fees may be paid with cash, credit card or debit card via the Kiosk in the front vestibule. All Kiosk transactions will incur service fees from the service provider.

Commissary and Phone Calls

We do not deliver messages unless it is an emergency. The emergency will need to be verified.  Please be prepared to provide correctional staff information on the nature of the emergency, to include any phone numbers, names, hospitals etc., for verification.

The following options are available to deposit money on an inmates account for Commissary or Phone Calls (each option does charge additional fees):

            - Cash can be brought to the Ogle County Correctional Center and deposited
               into the Kiosk in the vestibule.

             -Funds can be applied by a credit card or debit card by contacting Access
               Correction at 1-866-345-1884 or

To set up an account to receive collect phone calls contact:
              -CPC customer service at 1-877-998-4678, online at
                or using the CPC kiosk that is located in the jail lobby.

Inbound connection options are not available. 


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