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Single Stream Recycling Video by

Single Stream Recycling Video by “District 15”

Landfill Cell Construction in Winston-Salem

Landfill Construction – Rumpke

The Story of Stuff

The Story of Bottled Water

The Story of Electronics


America Recycles Day

Environmental Protection Agency-Federal

Environment Protection Agency-Illinois

Environmental Organization Web Directory

Federal EPA Educators Website

Federal EPA Kids Website

Illinois EPA Educators Website

Illinois EPA Kids Website (Envirofun)

Illinois EPA Educators Website

45 Sustainability Resources You Need to Know

Wilderness Society

Kids Corner

Another Awesome Aerosol Adventure: (9:55 min.)  watch?v=7FqnU4FXe2g

The Green Guide for Kids…sharing ideas on leaving a greener footprint

Green Planet 4 Kids

How to Talk With Kids About Climate Change in 2022

Recycle City – A revitalized community that used to be called “Dumptown.” Kids can play the dumptown game and see how residents turn their backyard town around. After exploring the community, visitors will leave knowing much more about what they can do to protect the environment.  Recycle City can be found at

Earth Day Links:

EPA-Earth Day Site

Decorate paper bags for Earth Day