Mental Health 708 Board

Funding mental health services to the residents of Ogle County since 1969.

The services being rendered by our non-profit funded agencies are effective, efficient, and comprehensive. In every case, the agencies are licensed, certified, and accredited by all appropriate regulatory bodies; meeting or exceeding all standards.

The goal of these services is to provide cost effective care that will frequently lead to greater independence and productivity.

Our county's funded agencies have and continue to wisely use our mental health dollars for the betterment of those county residents in need. We remain grateful for the kind and generous support of Ogle County taxpayers and pledge our continued vigilance in the monitoring of our county's mental health services.

Board Members:
  • Dorothy Bowers, President
  • Kathleen Wilson, Vice-President
  • Renee L. Barnhart, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Joe Simms, Ogle County Board Liaison and HEW Board Member
  • Cindy Bergstrom
  • Jenae Bothe
  • Marcella Haushahn
  • Amy L. Zbinden Henkel
  • Judy Tatlock
  • Justine Messenger, Secretary